December 13th, 2012

So, I lost Holidailies.  I got sick!  I spent the entirety of Tuesday knocked down by stomach “flu” and even moving my eyes to read printed words made me hurl, so I couldn’t write anything. Then yesterday was a crazy day at work and then I had to come home and go to my personal training appointment because I was too embarrassed to reschedule it again (I moved it when I got my face burned because I was forbidden to exercise for 48 hours or something). When my trainer was like, “Let’s work on abs,” I’m like, “I do believe my abs have had quite the workout what with the regurgitation,” but she made me do them anyway.

This was my last meeting with the trainer. I had eight sessions total. Honestly? If I were made of money, I would do once a week personal training forever. I love it (hate it, but love it). I have too much pride to give up on an exercise if someone’s watching me and that is extremely useful when working out.

For instance, last night I was full on in pity party mode because “I’ve been siiiiick!”  I would have gone all easy on myself and made excuses about dehydration and crap., were I there alone.  Instead, I gritted my teeth and did these horrible lunges holding five pound weights (don’t start! I am weeeeak!) and pushups and acted all, “OH I’M FINE REALLY,” when I sorta wanted to die.

One good thing about being sick for an entire day – I stayed off my feet for 24 hours and yesterday and today my feet felt fantastic. When god closes a door, he opens a window! (just for you, Robyn)

I was going to start talking about how I got new glasses, but then I realized, good lord. If that’s the best you can do, give it up. So with that, I don’t think I’m going to bother with Holidailies anymore.

Dream Killer

December 10th, 2012

Man, this is one of those days. People be pissing me off; I be pissing people off. It’s a clusterfuck all around. I’ve been thinking about this whole deal with the nurse who committed suicide because of the radio prank. Now, I hate those radio pranks. Actually, I hate all practical jokes-jokes where you scare or fool people are just rude and mean. I change the station if any DJ I’m listening to pulls one (and […]


Excuse my face

December 8th, 2012

HAHA!  I got a spam comment that was from “Holly Has Everything” which cracked me up.  Yes, she does live a very nice life.  I hope she doesn’t grow up to be an entitled brat if she isn’t one already. I think she’s a pretty nice kid, but god knows I don’t even recognize myself in a mirror so she could be a royal bitch and no one’s telling me. She does have tantrums over […]



December 7th, 2012

Comment answering! Dear Poppy, the BB cream I used and loved except it burns my eyes is L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream. I conveniently linked to Wal-Mart, where you should get it because it’s cheaper. I can’t take credit – I heard about it from Jonniker on the twitterz. Annette, thanks for your story. What a ray of sunshine that was. Okay, I’m still not posting any pictures of my face. And I […]



December 6th, 2012

Day two since I got my face burned and it’s going along fine. I did have Paco take a “before” picture yesterday, because I intended to show how it progressed and whatever but then I saw the picture and went, oh excuse me some haggard old woman got in front of the camera, send this to Photobomb and take another one. He kindly informed me it was me and I told him to quit LYING […]