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I can always depend on Dankie to make me laugh in the comments. HA, Sundry doesn’t read this and if she did, I wouldn’t care. She is a hot mess. I assume she’d agree. Hell, I went over and read her blog and it’s been ten years and she’s STILL complaining about being fat. Madame, I see your fat and raise you a failed attempt at Jenny Craig!

Today I worked a little bit and then turned on this “Inventing Anna” show on Netflix. It’s good although Julia Garner is struggling with the accent. But to be fair, I actually watched this story on Dateline or 48 Hours (they are basically the same show except Dateline has Keith Morrison which jazzes it up a notch). Anna Delvey has the most unidentifiable accent I’ve ever heard. It’s like almost Swedish, but kinda Russian, but kind of British. That’s almost exactly what it is…she’s trying to sound British, but that accent turns into American if you mix it with Russian. Or something. All I know that Tim’s friend in college who was Russian (ok Ukrainian but whatever) had an almost perfect American accent. I think they blend well. Anyway, Julia Garner has it wrong, Anna Delvey sounds American mostly. I’m sure Julia Garner will read this and regret her decisions.

Well! That was a bunch of bullshit on my part! Anyway, good show. Recommend. Not Highly Recommend, probably because I’ve already seen it on Dateline/48 Hours.

I also watched the Tinder Swindler which is also a Recommend, but not Highly Recommend because I have a whole lot of trouble feeling empathy toward the two main women in the documentary. No one deserves what happened to them, and they ARE victims, but they are just so…I don’t know, shallow and stupid rich and spend time on yachts and shit. I don’t really feel sorry for those types of people.

AND FINALLY *trumpets* my one and only Highly Recommend from this week: The Puppetmaster, yet another documentary about con men/women. This one is a fine fine FINE documentary. The titular character is just AWFUL and his victims are just ordinary folks, naive I suppose, but just normal people who fall for something and then it basically ruins their lives. Like Lulu Roe or Mary Kay.

Okay, Dankie said she doesn’t know the story of the pink bobblehead, and if she doesn’t know then I haven’t told it, but I know I have. Anyway I’ll tell it again. When Holly was three I got laid off my job at Ernst and Young and yelled at Tim that why couldn’t I just stay home and take care of Holly for a while. I had the working mom guilt and wanted to try out being a SAHM. So we went to Target a lot, Holly and I, because you must have activities for these kids, and one day I saw that bobblehead and Holly indicated she would like it now please so I bought it. I thought it was cute because it was a mom and a daughter and anyway I put it into her room and she said it scared her (it is kinda creepy) so I took it and put it on my windowsill over the sink in the kitchen. When I would do dishes or whatever, I would stare out that window and that bobblehead would be there. After a while, being a SAHM didn’t agree with me, Holly or our budget so I went back to work. I sorely regretted it even though I didn’t really want to stay home either and anyway, to make me feel better, I brought that bobblehead to work. I think I started that job in 2005 or so, so it’s 17 years old, almost exactly. Who knew a shitty plastic toy would last this long? It still bobbles even. It gets its solar power from my overhead desk lights I guess.

Okay bye


  1. Me, too, Fay!! Definitely going to watch those shows. I’m currently binging (that looks wrong. bingeing? binge-ing?) The Shield for the first time ever and OMFG. The Shield is the trifecta after Bosch and Southland, and now I will never go to California. I’m also watching The Gilded Age and I love it. OH and tell me you watched both the documentary and the whatever movie AND listened to the Podcast on Dr. Death. HOLY CRAP.

  2. Sundry’s still a hot mess? Some things never change. Wasn’t she acting as a guardian at litem while high as kite on Delsym? I recall one of her more epic meltdowns (and there were plenty) when she claimed she had the body of a porn star, and you set her straight on those last two points, Jane.

  3. The above comment made no sense because I accidentally edited it. During this particular meltdown, Sundry publicly claimed she had the body of a porn star, and was an awesome wife and mother. IIRC, Jane rightly pointed out that with respect to the latter two, an awesome wife and mother wouldn’t be behaving in this manner.

  4. I did tell her that, but only after I begged her to let me DM her and talk to her. And she was all, I’ve always liked you, but I don’t need anyone scolding me. So I scolded her in public and then all those people got mad at me and unfollowed me on Twitter. I probably had no business getting involved but I knew better than everyone what was happening and really wanted to help. The people she was reaching out to were reinforcing her behavior. I don’t care any more, obviously. I did the wrong thing. I should have stayed out of it.

  5. Perhaps, but this was all going down publicly and in real time and, as you mentioned, she was demanding and getting the worst kind of support. You asked to communicate privately, were a voice of reason, and your intentions were pure. I would never characterize that as doing the wrong thing.

  6. I feel like a stalker if I comment on every post and like a lurker if I don’t, so… Love the crime show recommendations. I added Puppetmaster to my list. Who’s read any good books lately? My picks have been very meh.

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