Snowy day

It has been snowing like crazy since 6:00 a.m. or so. I don’t have to go to the office when there is inclement weather, so I’m not really affected by it, except even though I don’t want to with every fiber of my being, I am going to have to shovel a path for these damn dogs to go out. The snow is so deep that Bitsy is up to her eyeballs. There’s a small area that has a little bit of shelter from some eaves, but the snow is blowing so it’s still deep-ish there. Dogs. If they didn’t have such a high ROI score, I would really hate having them.

I don’t even have real boots. It’s 18 degrees. Sigh. I’m going to shovel a path. Be back soon to complain about it.


Okay, how many days ago was that? Sigh. The shoveling was so bad. But it was most certainly better than fretting that Bitsy was going to pee or poop inside. Winston is a Very Good Dog who will hold it for hours on end, but Bits is not and has her inside pooping space all picked out. You know, if she just has to go and no one is around in the ten seconds she allots to let someone know. Do your dogs do that? Have a designated place for indoor revenge poops? At least I know where to look, and she’s a chihuahua so they’re about the size of a Tootsie Roll but they’re still shit.

I am struggling people! I feel so bad! No energy. Restless. Irritation. Can you imagine feeling like this? For this many years? Somehow I suspect many of you can. I wish my mother had followed her heart and never had kids. Well, then I wouldn’t have my kids who are fantastic and great and are two of the three things in my life that don’t suck. Every morning the three of us group text and compare Wordle and Worldlescores and then we make fun of each other and talk for a little while and IT IS THE GREATEST. So shit on Wordle all you want, but I think it brings a lot of people together. I don’t mean to be corny, but I’m serious.

We are watching this show called Servant on Netflix and it is fucking creepy, and not just because the Ron Weasley guy is in it with a terrible American Accent and a patchy beard. But I highly recommend. Tim recommends the Formula One documentary series on Netflix. We watch TV a lot. bye


  1. We also watch TV a lot, but OLD TV that we missed the first time around. We finally finished The Shield and I have barely spoken in three days, trying to process the ending. My family was up for another gritty crime drama immediately, but I said OH NO, I need to cleanse my streaming palate. So I chose Inventing Anna on Netflix and after one episode am regretting my decision.

    And yes, our dog has a designated spot but to be fair, she makes it quite clear when she needs to go outside. However, the other night she “didn’t want” to come into the bedroom, she “wanted to stay” in the living room. My husband allowed this and guess what I found the next morning? The Yangtze River of dog pee. I reminded my husband, and not too kindly, that the dog has a brain the size of a walnut, that she is lower on the food chain and is therefore not allowed to “decide to stay in the living room.” I considered offering him that choice however.

  2. I love WORDLE too! I post it on FB and my friends and I comment on each other’s. Plus it’s fun to make fun of the men who don’t have a clue.
    I had a chihuahua who wasn’t trained when we got him, so you can imagine what I had to clean up. I finally got him a crate, which he loved and it made me feel bad that I didn’t get it sooner. Where was I? Oh the crate. He wouldn’t potty in the crate so when he came out I immediately let him outside where he was happy to do the deed. Best decision ever. But then he died. And I decided no more dogs in the house. The shedding was horrific. Now I have a cat that sheds. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  3. I am also struggling. I keep seeing an article going around, I think from NYT or WaPo, about how “that feeling you have is called Languishing.” That’s what I’ve got. I hate it.

  4. I’m doing Wordle and Mathler daily. I post my results on Twitter, which is meaningless because I probably have 5 followers that I’m now driving away. If I decide to take a long break in the afternoon, I’ll also do the Quordle puzzle but I don’t stress about maintaining my streak with that one.

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