I am good with The Computers, but I’ll be goddamned if I can figure out a mailing list in Google. I don’t use the app, I use…something else, and my contacts come from iCloud and all the instructions I look up on the internet tell me to click on things that aren’t there and BACK… Continue reading GAHHH


Have any of you had this? I was at Pilates a few weeks ago and kept having dizzy spells and then at the end when we stood up, the whole room spun like I was in a barrel rolling down a hill. It was quite distressing. The instructor had me sit and put my head… Continue reading Vertigo


There are a number of reasons a person might start up their blog again and get all jazzed about it then suddenly stop posting. These reasons are not dramatic. I’m depressed. I’m tired. I don’t want to do stuff. I feel shitty and heavy and foggy much of the time. It’s not fun. I can’t… Continue reading Thanks


My glasses are a SHANDA. Right before COVID I ran into my mom’s sliding glass door and broke them and had to go have them fixed because we were leaving for a cruise in two days. They gave me a new pair of frames at that time and just popped the existing lenses into them.… Continue reading Glasses


Will I start feeling better??? I’m seriously considering that magnet thing for depression. I’m going to ask about it. Anybody out there have stories? Yesterday I was sitting around at home because we had a snowstorm and my boss said to work at home. And as we’ve discussed, I don’t work when I work from… Continue reading WHEN


I went back and read a bunch of my posts (because I’m a narcissist or something) and now I feel like I have to answer questions in the comments that I didn’t answer. But FIRST OFF. I want to thank Gretchen and Danks for commenting on every single post. You are the wind beneath my… Continue reading Beware!


I say things to myself. I guess everyone does and everyone who has had depression or low self esteem or any kind of mental frailty has been told to stop the negative self-talk, like it’s just as easy as zipping a zipper. These last two years have made me, if possible, more dismissive of anyone… Continue reading Weird

Snowy day

It has been snowing like crazy since 6:00 a.m. or so. I don’t have to go to the office when there is inclement weather, so I’m not really affected by it, except even though I don’t want to with every fiber of my being, I am going to have to shovel a path for these… Continue reading Snowy day

DWFH at all day

I can always depend on Dankie to make me laugh in the comments. HA, Sundry doesn’t read this and if she did, I wouldn’t care. She is a hot mess. I assume she’d agree. Hell, I went over and read her blog and it’s been ten years and she’s STILL complaining about being fat. Madame,… Continue reading DWFH at all day