I have the hiccups

Let’s talk about something that isn’t horrible and whatnot. How about camping! No, hold on, it’s relatively interesting. It’s glamping, first off. There is no way in any kind of hell that I would sleep in a tent on the ground. Unacceptable and not fun. I mean, sure. Most campgrounds have bathrooms and showers, but… Continue reading I have the hiccups

This title bullshit

Let’s talk about ME some more. One of the many reasons I quit writing was the relationship between me and my parents. No matter what I’ve written in the past, please remember they were reading. Now that they’re not, news for you: they were and are just terrible. I see people on Facebook saying wonderful… Continue reading This title bullshit

I mean…titles are lame

I am writing these all at once, because I have absolutely nothing to do. Nothing. I work at a hospital and so everything is all Covid, all the time, and other meaningless stuff, i.e. what I do, just slows down. My coworker and I, let’s give her a name, shall we? Penny. Because that’s her… Continue reading I mean…titles are lame

I don’t want to do titles

Hello again. I know blogs aren’t a thing anymore but they should be. Maybe I’ll bring them back (unlikely). The Kids don’t read long things, which is good. I don’t want The Kids reading anyway. I’m talking about The Kids in general, not my kids, you understand. But I don’t want them reading either. They… Continue reading I don’t want to do titles