I am good with The Computers, but I’ll be goddamned if I can figure out a mailing list in Google. I don’t use the app, I use…something else, and my contacts come from iCloud and all the instructions I look up on the internet tell me to click on things that aren’t there and BACK IN MY DAY.

Seriously, remember back when everyone had a blog and the blog making software always had an integrated notification list a reader could click on and I didn’t have to figure anything out? Why can’t I have that?

Tim used to finagle that stuff for me but he is VERY important at work now and has no time for messing around with this shit, which is fine. I’ll just keep plugging ugly stuff into an ugly interface and try to figure out how to let you guys know I posted something after a 3-month depression hiatus. Facebook? Do you all use Facebook? I hate it mostly, but I can post a notification on there if that would work?

We are glamping this weekend and PEOPLE it is hot and what is wrong with us? It’s 11:33 and it’s 90. Yesterday was way worse because our trailer is stored outside and had been sitting there through a week of hell heat and so loading it up and then trying to cool it down when we got settled was..interesting. It took about 3 hours to get it down to 80, which felt downright polar. We’ve got a new mesh shade that attaches to our awning and goes all the way to the ground so we have shade and I have a reclining camp chair and I’m typing some shit for you fine people and feeling halfway decent. It’s so lame that going outside makes depression better.

So how are we all doing with Covid? Do I have anybody who hasn’t gotten it yet? Tim and I haven’t. I’m not sure what our secret is, except we’re not around little kids and we hate people so we are rarely in big super-spreader type groups. Oh and we mask.

However I’m going to see CheerLive next week but I’ll still mask. I masked when I went to see Trixie and Katya a couple of months ago and I stayed Covid-free. If either of these events are unknown to you, let me know. I can explain in GREAT DETAIL.


  1. Until a few days ago, I could have said that my husband and I had both avoided Covid so far, but he tested positive on Sunday. We were both at a large indoor arena concert on Wednesday night. I looked over at him and thought, “Should I say something to him about wearing a mask?” and decided against it. This was in Seattle and hardly anyone was wearing a mask (this was mostly a younger crowd) and I almost didn’t, but wearing it was actually keeping me warm, as the a/c was blowing right on my neck. Anyhow, it’s anyone’s guess where he caught it –that was just the most likely place, and has the advantage of making me look smart since I wore a mask and he didn’t. heh

    As for notifying on Facebook about posts – that should work for me. It was only by a miracle that I saw your post on Twitter mentioning it, but at least now I know to check this website once in a while.

  2. As far as I know, I have not had COVID but honestly that seems unlikely. I still wear a mask for places like grocery stores and Walmart and avoid crowds indoors and out. But I never wore the good masks and didn’t seriously lock down like some did. Got my vaccines and a booster (due for #2) so maybe I didn’t get it, maybe I just didn’t know. Happy that either way I haven’t been really sick for quite a while.

  3. I’m glad to see your posts, Jane, no matter how sporadically. We are of an age and dealing with some of the same challenges, Covid, elderly parents, the dumpster fire the world is right now. I have been vaxxed and boosted as much as they offer and haven’t got it yet. I wear a mask when I am in public places and at the care home my husband is in now. I feel like we’ll all get it eventually, but hopefully mild symptoms due to the vaxx/boosters. I, too, stay home for the most part and avoid large gatherings. Up here in Canada, the used car market is absolutely insane right now. Inflated prices, limited inventory. Good luck in the hunt for a car for Elliot.

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