Tired today (yesterday I write this shit in advance)

I am tired today. I don’t know why, but I’ve been tired for like a year or maybe two, HMM WHAT COULD IT BE.

When the pandemic started, we worked at home I think three days a week. I can’t remember exactly but it was stupid in my mind because if you’re here at all you’re at risk, so why even show up when my coworkers and I can do everything at home. Everything. But whatever. At some point, I just decided to go back to work because I have a secret. When I work at home, I don’t work. I do a few daily tasks that are required and I check my email, but other than that I don’t do shit. I don’t have much to do in the first place and I also just don’t like my set-up at home and there are dogs around, and food and other stuff I can do. If I’m tired I take a nap. A “work nap,” Holly calls it. I have a conscience, sort of, so I just went back to work. However, I would still like a work nap. It should be a thing.

Our COVID rate amongst employees here is close to 50% and that’s ridiculous. They aren’t getting it from the patients; they are getting it from the community. We are required to be vaccinated (but not boosted, though I am) so you’d think it would be lower but Omicron cares not for your petty vaccination. I have not had Covid, nor has Tim or Holly or my mother or father. Elliot got it, but he was working alongside an unvaccinated idiot and none of his coworkers, including himself, were wearing a mask. I think something like seven? Four? I don’t know, but a big number of people at the restaurant caught it.

I updated about Holly so I must update on Elliot, who is 28 years old and a grown man, but I still treat him like a little kid which I’m sure he hates, but I don’t know how you stop doing that.

Elliot was working at a restaurant when Covid hit and they closed down and didn’t do takeout. Somewhere along the line, they just flat out laid everyone off and closed the restaurant for good. He got the government checks and the unemployment and when all that ran out (it kept him going for longer than you would think-he lives a simple life) he just went out and got a job at a liquor store. He is very good at getting jobs. He didn’t like it, but it paid decently and got him by. When things settled down, he quit that job and went wandering around this fancy outdoor shopping center in a ritzy part of town and applied for some jobs in fancy restaurants and got a really good one that actually pays him a wage and also tips AND they have insurance. So he’s doing okay. I don’t know if he’s happy or not and I wish I did, but again. He’s a grown man. He shares if he wants to.

One thing I didn’t expect to suck was that I never see or talk to his dad anymore. We don’t have to consult on things re: Elliot and so…we just don’t talk. He did take the time to talk to Holly when she first got to college about getting a business degree and I’m sure he’d be happy to talk on the phone because he’s friendly as shit, but I just..never get around to it. He has a wife and although she is a very nice lady, I weirdly feel like I shouldn’t call. That’s stupid, of course, I haven’t been married to him for 25 years. TWENTY FIVE HUMAN YEARS. Isn’t that weird? There a lot of shitty girlfriends and one wife that came after me, so I’m sure his wife wouldn’t mind me calling and catching up. I’m going to call him! To catch up! Okay, maybe I’ll text.

P.S. I did text him and it was good to talk to him a bit.

P.P.S. Holly has Covid. Going to bars, unmasked, in college towns will do that to a person.


  1. Poor Holly. Hope it didn’t hit her too hard. If there’s a college kid out there who hasn’t gotten it I’d be very surprised.

  2. It shocked me a little to read that Elliot is 28, although of course he is. I really wish that restaurant work was better-paying and more respected, because it is an incredibly specific and unique set of skills and the people who are good at it are REALLY GOOD, as I suspect he is/was. I’ve been working now for nearly 30 years and the only job I’ve ever felt truly good at was serving/bartending. Well anyway, POOR ME, I have a well-paid job as a CFO now, isn’t that terrible (YES). I have a lot of respect for current and former food service workers and once hired a guy for an accounting job (against my manager’s wishes) based only on the fact that he had worked at Whataburger for 5 years. To me that is incredibly impressive.

    New topic: HAND TO GAWD I have probably spoken fewer than 100 words to Ava’s dad in the last 10 years and she is not even an adult yet. My sister is really good friends with her ex husband and that seems nice.

  3. I’m not a college kid going to bars. I’m a vaxxed, boosted, mask-wearing, sanitizing, anti-social ZEALOT and I caught COVID. Hope Holly is feeling better.

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