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I hate Facebook, but I look at it pretty much every day because I have a private group I like, but the other shit is sooo boring. And the ads hurt my feelings. The old lady make-up (joke’s on you, I don’t wear anything but tinted moisturizer and I never will), the fake hormone shit (again, joke’s on you, I can’t use estrogen products, even ‘natural’ ones I HAD CANCER), giant tunic sweaters (joke’s on…me?). Anyway, I did get bombarded with one ad that I actually bought into after like a year and that product is the Ruggable.! We have all hardwoods and three area rugs and these fucking dogs pee on them occasionally. There are nice hardwood floors for you to pee on, but noooo. Because that’s how dogs are unless you’re home all the time. We tried buying an outdoor rug, thinking we could just hose it off if they peed on it, but that’s a bigger deal than it sounds like, because yeah, take it outside and hose it off, and then what? You can’t leave it outside to dry because birds and squirrels and leaves and if you bring it inside it goes in the basement and has to hang over four chairs which is a hassle. It took a really long time to dry too. AND it was as attractive as you might imagine a patio rug would be.

Tim announced he was buying one and I was wary, but the particular one we were going to replace HAD to go. It was a regular rug and wasn’t easy to clean and Holly came walking in one day and commented on the smell, and by commented I mean, “JESUS GOD, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS RUG IT STINKS.” Yeah, okay, do kids even know how much things cost? I mean, does she think you just go out and buy a nice area rug for $39.99? Also, she’s a hag-she doesn’t even live here.

We picked one out and ordered and they are not cheap, and I figured we would soon receive a significant piece of trash because Facebook merchandise is like that, but NAY. The color was a little different than we imagined, but damn. It comes with this thick pad that sticks to the floor and the top sticks to the rug, and you can, absolutely, shove it in your washing machine. We then bought another one for the living room and it is fantastic. We’ve washed them both and both came out just like new. Highly recommend.

Another item I want to rave about is not from Facebook. It’s the Embark dog DNA thing. Okay, I KNOW it could be bullshit, but it was SO FUN. We found out Winston (who we call a Rat Terrier) is 1/4 Rat Terrier, 1/4 Chihuahua (?), 1/4 Toy Fox Terrier and 1/4 unidentifiable mutt. We found out Bitsy (who we call a chihuahua) is 68% Chihuahua, 12% Rat Terrier (?), 12% toy poodle, and the rest is mutt. So both our dogs are Ratties and Chichis. Funny.

And finally… I got one of those Ember Coffee cups for Christmas and omg I love it. You charge it on this little saucer and then when you put coffee in it, you tell it through an app how hot to keep that coffee and it does, for an hour or so. Then it runs out of charge, but I definitely finish my coffee in less than an hour. Only thing I’m not crazy about is that it’s an 8 oz cup and I’d rather have a 10 oz and I don’t know if that’s because they only sell 8 oz or if I put the 8 oz on my Amazon Wish List and didn’t notice. Our coffee cups are in a kitchen cabinet that is right up against and outside wall and those cups are cold, so I would always put water in the cup first and boil it in the microwave to get the cup hot before I put coffee in it. And I KNOW I could put the cups somewhere else but you come over and tell me where to put them and I’ll be happy to move them. Our kitchen is a very delicate mathematical equation and things have to go where they have to go.

There’s so little to enjoy these days and I get unhappy so easily that it’s good for me to write down stupid material things that brighten my day. Thanks for being there to write to! Xoxo


  1. That’s interesting about the rug. I keep looking and thinking, Nah, can’t be all that great. The doormats almost got me, though. Something I like that I thought was stupid? Litter Genie. Completely eliminated the litter smell for us and I was so surprised. I hear ya on finding little things to be happy about. I went through a time when I forced myself to do that and some days it was literally “the sun was shining today.” What can I say, it helps.

  2. I would love a rechargeable hot coffee thing, but 12 oz. Is the bare minimum. I also have to microwave my coffee mugs because whoever built this kitchen didn’t believe in insulation. So I use one of those cheap $5.00 coffee hot plates, which has the added benefit of doubling as a wax warmer for when I’m down to a tiny amount of wax in a scented candle.

  3. So, if your dogs pee on the rug, it doesn’t soak through to the “permanent” layer? I finally had to get rid of my entry rug because even though I WORK FROM HOME and am here ALL DAY, my dog pees out of anger/spite every time I leave the damn house.

    I bought a package of little mini spatulas and I use those things EVERY DAMN DAY, especially to get dog food out of the can (yes, my dog eats canned food, she is 12 and has like 3 teeth left).

  4. Long time reader, probably first time commenter. (Hell, maybe I commented. It’s been a while.)
    I have been eyeing the Ruggable because I also have animals that make messes, but kept backing off because they are expensive. Good to have a review from someone I’m pretty sure is an actual person.

  5. I’m back because I just cleaned the kitchen and was reminded that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs Meyers multi surface cleaner. Basil scented.

  6. I desperately want one of those rugs. And one of those mugs. (And other things that rhyme with -ug!) Even before you talked about them. But now even more.

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