My glasses are a SHANDA. Right before COVID I ran into my mom’s sliding glass door and broke them and had to go have them fixed because we were leaving for a cruise in two days. They gave me a new pair of frames at that time and just popped the existing lenses into them.… Continue reading Glasses


Will I start feeling better??? I’m seriously considering that magnet thing for depression. I’m going to ask about it. Anybody out there have stories? Yesterday I was sitting around at home because we had a snowstorm and my boss said to work at home. And as we’ve discussed, I don’t work when I work from… Continue reading WHEN


I went back and read a bunch of my posts (because I’m a narcissist or something) and now I feel like I have to answer questions in the comments that I didn’t answer. But FIRST OFF. I want to thank Gretchen and Danks for commenting on every single post. You are the wind beneath my… Continue reading Beware!


I say things to myself. I guess everyone does and everyone who has had depression or low self esteem or any kind of mental frailty has been told to stop the negative self-talk, like it’s just as easy as zipping a zipper. These last two years have made me, if possible, more dismissive of anyone… Continue reading Weird

Snowy day

It has been snowing like crazy since 6:00 a.m. or so. I don’t have to go to the office when there is inclement weather, so I’m not really affected by it, except even though I don’t want to with every fiber of my being, I am going to have to shovel a path for these… Continue reading Snowy day

DWFH at all day

I can always depend on Dankie to make me laugh in the comments. HA, Sundry doesn’t read this and if she did, I wouldn’t care. She is a hot mess. I assume she’d agree. Hell, I went over and read her blog and it’s been ten years and she’s STILL complaining about being fat. Madame,… Continue reading DWFH at all day

Just like the old days

Ah, the nostalgia – people bitching at me for lack of updates. Yes, I’m looking at you, Liz. However, it works, so hello! I had work to do last week! I bitch about having nothing to do, but once in a while my famine turns to feast and then I have to do a million… Continue reading Just like the old days


I (Tim) figured out how to put a picture in here! These are are our remaining pets. I don’t remember what pets I had when I was here before – I don’t think I had any dogs? And I know I didn’t have this cat. Winston is the rat terrier-looking one, Bitsy is the chihuahua-looking… Continue reading PICTURES