Weetacon story plus other crap

May 2nd, 2012

So, Weetacon. I’ve explained what it is many times, so I don’t think I need to go into that (it’s a gathering of people who write on the internet or know people who write on the internet), but I think the real question was, How did you decide to go to that in the first place?

Pretty simple: Wendy Weetabix asked me if I wanted to come and I was in the mood to take a vacation. Look, I’m an extrovert. I like meeting people and making small talk.  I also love staying in hotels and eating meals at restaurants and drinking at bars. So…it was a no-brainer.  Green Bay is also a cheap vacation. We get sweet rooms at an Irish Inn for $89 or something ridiculous and Wendy and Committee arrange all the activities for a small registration fee and MY GOD the booze and food  in Green Bay is cheap. On karaoke night of the latest Weetacon, Poppy and Mike and I amused ourselves by running (staggering) (what?) to the bar to order three shots of Jager, a beer, a vodka tonic and a Scotch. We would wait with glee and then giggle madly when the bartender said, “That’ll be twenty dollars.”  I don’t understand Wisconsin, but in Kansas you’d be out fifty bucks for that.

To clarify, the first Green Bay event I went to was a smaller affair known as “Rehab.” It was like a mini-Weetacon. I enjoyed it so when the next Weetacon came up, I was in and I’ve been in ever since.

I think if you spend a significant amount of time and effort on your internet friends, you ought to go to a get-together.  Anyone who wants to go to Weetacon should go. I will be your bus buddy.  Don’t tell her, but I’m going to work on Robyn Anderson for next year. Fred can take care of the livestock.

Robyn donates her jams and jellies for our raffle and they are a big moneymaker, so it’s the least you can do, ROBYN, to show up.

I love my Weetacon people.  Every year I arrive late-ish because it’s hard to get to Green Bay from Kansas City for some reason (I have to fly to Milwaukee and rent a car and drive for two hours) and I walk in the Waterford Room and everyone says, “Jane!” and for the only time all year, I become a hugger.

Now go to Weetabix’s page and read about how to win $50 from Igigi, who provides gorgeous dresses for our gorgeous models at our fashion show:


So since I’m talking about Weetacon, I’ll use the rest of Wendy’s writing prompts:

The craziest blogger you ever met! Or the craziest blogger you’d love to meet.

I have not met very many crazy bloggers! I’ve met a couple I thought were going to be crazy, but then they were kinda normal.  The craziest blogger I’d like to meet? I CAN’T ANSWER THIS because then I’d be calling someone crazy and someone might sue me for libel! I would like to meet some non-crazy bloggers, like everyone on my Google Reader list.  Oh yeah, I get to meet Miz Silverman next month when I go to Washington DC. She’s a little crazy. Does that count?

Why Robyn should get more cats.

Because at some point you just stop counting.

Why my mobile phone sucks.

I actually have an answer for this! Because Green Bay does something to cell phones! Every time I come there I run out of battery twice as fast as anywhere else in the world and my phone does bizarre things like turn itself off and back on.  It’s terribly annoying. So I submit your phone doesn’t suck, the system sucks. Power to the people.

Ice skating or marathon running: which takes more discipline.

Marathon running!  I am having a hate/hate relationship with ice skating right now because oh my god the money. But as far as discipline – Holly doesn’t really have any, but she’s still pretty good. You can’t be a “pretty good” marathon runner. You either work really hard and do a marathon or you don’t.

Why don’t women wear appropriate bras these days?

DUDE. DON’T GET ME STARTED. It is my greatest pet peeve of all time. Even I, of the Tiny Tempur-pedics, wear a bra so that my bustline has a neat and tidy appearance. I can’t tell you how many women ruin perfectly good clothing with poor bras.  I don’t care how big your boobs are, they look better hauled up.

Of course, every time I discuss this I get comments all,  you don’t even KNOW and bras are for suckers and I don’t care how I look and YOU try having 38 triple Zs and blah blah blah. All I know is people gonna stare at your chest if you have saggy boobs and you look sloppy. That’s all I’m saying.

Obviously, I care about appearances – that’s why I rebuilt my boobs from scratch without even thinking it over.  That’s why I had such a hissy fit when I was bald. It’s why I shave my legs the night before I go running, in the early morning, alone.  You never know when you might fall and Ryan Gosling might help you up. Or Patrick Dempsey. Or whatever.

16 Comments on “Weetacon story plus other crap”

  1. Kate says:

    Listen, I have GIGANTIC boobs, and even though my bras are expensive, I buy them and wear them and look better for it.

    Also, sometimes I want to send out a company-wide memo that says DUDE YOU HAVE TO WEAR A BRA TO WORK.

  2. badger reader says:

    Wisconsin loves to drink. If it cost more, we would all be broke. Also the cost of living is reflected in lower salaries, etc. I have never lived anywhere else, so despite half my family being official alcoholics (yikes), it never occurred to me until after college that everywhere was not like this. After about the 6th person to work here from a different state commented on “you guys sure like to drink” did it finally start to sink in. Depressing on several levels, but it’s a fun place to visit.
    I have no beef against bras, I just don’t understand how to wear some clothes (mostly strange cut dresses) with a bra. Or more specifically how to not wear a bra and still look decent. Obviously these are not clothes I would ever be able to pull off anyway, but I am bothered by them just the same.

  3. Karen says:

    Coworker’s boobs are on the first floor (we’re on the second floor). It’s embarrassing and hard to look at her when she talks to me.

  4. Maggie says:

    I have small boobs. After nursing two kids they are tiny and yet still saggy, so even I wear a damned bra to move those things into the correct place. Proper undergarments are many an outfit’s best friend.

  5. Beth says:

    OK. You said ‘Ryan Gosling’ and he is my current fantasy man. I am crossing my fingers that the Casting gods choose him to play Christian Grey.

    Do you know what I’m talking about?

    Yes. ’50 Shades of Grey’. Are you reading it? Going to read it?

    I am utterly shocked to find myself absorbed with such trash. But I am . Comments? Women fantasizing about S&M? Never would have thought it…..

    Also. I am a firm believer in bras. Good bras. May I recommend Lululemon for your next running bra?

  6. devil says:

    Wait…there are women who don’t wear bras to work? They aren’t strippers, right? Damn women…put on your hammocks before you blind the rest of us!

  7. Lori says:

    I don’t know that I could go to a conference that had…a fashion show. But I support your right to. I support it, just like a good bra.

  8. Annette R. says:

    My friend’s crazy alcoholic mother called bras tit jocks. Even small breasted women need to wear them. A co-worker once showed up in a white tank top without one and I told her that her nipples were totally on display and it was making everyone uncomfortable. She said she had no idea (not sure about that one) but she stopped wearing it to work bra less.

    My brother-in-law went to Stout State in Wisconsin and settled there for twenty years or so. We went out a few times and it was VERY cheap to stay, eat and drink. I loved the cheese curds, especially the fried ones. It’s a pretty state but they lived in Elk Mound and Menomonie and it was a long drive from MN where we flew in from NJ.

  9. Janey says:

    Yeah! Take Robyn to Weetacon. Give her a few drinks and then film her for us! Hee hee..

  10. Wendy Bix says:

    For the record, my sister won Robyn’s jam this year and apparently she’s getting all diva with it and won’t share it with her fiance or her daughter. She says she’s going to guard that raffle and growl next year, if Robyn donates again.

    Also, yes, the weekend is crazy cheap for the attendees. We negotiate really good rates with our vendors since we are raising money for a good cause (a local food pantry) with our various fundraising events, plus it’s not like there are a lot of tourism dollars coming into the state in March, so people are more than happy to have the business.

    And yes! If you want to come to Weetacon, please come! Anyone! You don’t have to actually know anyone. It’s ok. We’ll like you anyway.

  11. liz says:

    Yes, yes, yes! on the bras. I went to a wedding where the bride had lost a lot of weight and then ruined it by not wearing a bra under a spandex-like dress. It looked awful.

  12. Linda says:

    Maybe you could meet your fantasy crazy blogger in a town where she isn’t going to not shoot a youtube video!

    Libel!!! Libel I say!

  13. Grace frm Tx says:

    I usually don’t give a damn about who I might meet and consider random strangers lucky if my eyebrow is reasonably well separated into one above each eye. But I won’t leave the house without a bra, and mine are the crazy expensive engineering constructions that make my bra drawer worth more than my entire closet. I’m not risking hitting a pothole or speedbump with my saggy 38F(ucker)s not bound into submission. My bras are like carseats for 2 year olds on meth – it’s a safety issue!
    Jane, I’d LOVE to witness you meeting a certain (allegedly!) Crazy Blogger so much I’d pay any (rumored!) Legal bills arising from the encounter. Now THAT would be entertainment!

  14. Ann says:

    I want some Dooce commentary about her alleged “break”, GOMI’s reporting of it, and the subsequent libel claim. Another Dooce topic- that stupid mother’s day campaign that she is participating in.

  15. Lisa says:

    My favorite neighbor just had breast-reduction surgery (her boobs weren’t even that big to begin with) and she is making me crazy-jealous talking about how much fun bra-shopping is now. Even if I wasn’t, ahem, generously endowed in the breasticle department, I’d still have to wear a bra because I have the most temperature-sensitive nipples on the face of the earth. Even wearing a padded bra, my husband still tells me, “HA! Nice try! I can still see ‘em!”, so I can’t even imagine having the nerve to go out in public, tits akimbo. Who DOES that??

  16. Fay says:

    Eeeee! I am such a Weetacon chickenshit. I bet it’s awesome. :)